Friar #6

Issue #6
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Sold Relic, part 5
Travelling through time, young man Andrey Radov has to collect magical gems and retrieve his family's cross to return to his era and stop the evil Magister of a secret order!
It's 1877 and the third siege of Plevna during the Russo-Turkish war. In Russian camp Andrey meets the "White General" Skobelev and his aide - Igor, Andrey's brother! Having resigned himself to his fate, the newly-born friar begins to prepare for the upcoming battle... And there is something to prepare for: Turkish general Osman Pasha intends to win the battle, calling upon the underworld forces and resorting to the help of the Magister! But Andrey manages to break their insidious plan and successfully retrieves the first Power Gem - the Ruby of Shakhriman!
Meanwhile, enraged by the failure, the Magister is trying to deal with Andrey another way: he sneaks into the hospital and turns off the poor guy's life-support machine...