FutureQuake Vol. 23

FutureQuake Vol. 23

Vol. 23


Within the pages of FutureQuake 23 you will find 11 tales to tantilise or terrify; all inside a cover by the astounding Kev Levell.

A Soldiers Guilt by writer Ollie Masters and artist Dan Cornwell
Apocalypse Now Or Never by writer Jimmy Furlong and artist Andrew Hartmann
Future Organic by writer Chris Redfern and artist Darren Mullen
Interpretations by writer Paul Penna and artist Jim Lavery
Invasion by writer Jon Hayes and artist Alex Paterson
Living The Dream by writer Ryan Hickling and artist Alex Paterson
Out Of Time by writer Christopher Sides and artist Simon Bennett Hayes
Palindrome by writer Kirill Chernov and artist Kirill Chernov
Perks Of The Job by writer Robert Lefebvre and artist Dan Cornwell
Planet 5379 open for business by writer Ricky-Marcel Pitcher and artist James Evans
Ratings by writer Chris Boette and artist Paul McCallan