Gary Kwapisz

Gary Kwapisz


Gary Kwapisz has had a long and varied career in the comics business, working as publisher, artist, writer and sometimes to show what a renaissance guy he is, he even colors and letters.

As a mere youth, he was one of the first wave of trouble-makers at the Comics Journal, where he aided them in spreading acrimony and mayhem throughout the comics industry. Leaving Fantagraphics with his professional reputation at a low ebb, he was forced to resort to chicanery to get Marvel editor, Larry Hama, to give him work. Starting at the top, he garnered assignments on Crazy magazine, where unfortunately his work was not enough to forestall its cancellation. Fleeing that sinking ship, he rode Hama’s coattails to the Conan books, where he worked for eight happy years on Savage sword of Conan. He has since been described as, ‘’The last great Conan artist.” After that, he went on to draw books as diverse as Airboy, the Punisher and worked with Harvey Pekar. But after 15 years in the comic biz, he decided to look into the wider world of illustration to see what it had to offer. There he has worked on many projects, as varied as Sesame Street and the Jurassic Park movies.

But his love of telling stories had him itching to get back to comics. He accomplished that when he partnered with his old buddy, Chuck Dixon, and together, they formed their own publishing company, History Graphics Press. Together they published the graphic novels, Civil War Adventure one and two. After garnering rave reviews, they sold their books to a larger publisher, Dover Books.

With his love of comics still blazing, Gary is now working on a weekly Pellucidar series of Edger Rice Burroughs, while readying his new series, Stonewall's Arm. It that limited series he will show what really happened at Gettysburg—this time including the interesting details heretofore left out the histories—the resurrected generals, zombies and Satan trying to destroy America.

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