Golden Age Marvel Comics Masterworks Vol. 7

Golden Age Marvel Comics Masterworks
Vol. 7
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Collects Marvel Mystery Comics #25-28.

The comic that started it all - Marvel Mystery Comics - continues its historic Marvel Masterworks run. Featuring the headlining heroes that made Marvel an overnight success - the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner by Carl Burgos and Bill Everett - each issue offers 64 jam-packed pages of thrills and adventure. And those two heroes are just the tip of the iceberg, 'cause this is the Golden Age! You'll also see the conclusion of Ka-Zar's 1940s jungle adventures, the whimsical Jimmy Jupiter's debut, the eerie Vision's avenging hand, the Patriot's fight against fifth columnists, Terry Vance's mystery-detective exploits, and the Angel's battle against weird monsters and mob menaces