Gray Vol. 1

Gray Vol. 1

Vol. 1


GRAY takes Wilde’s classic novel and reinvents it as a tale of cathartic revenge for the #MeToo era, a story about dangerous women and corrupt men, about sexual power and predators, about guilt and consequences and about the different ways of changing the world: those who would burn it down to start again, and those who would work from within to reform it.

Written by Stoker-nominated and Audible best-selling author Arvind Ethan David, GRAY is as beautiful graphic novel, with art by Eugenia Koumaki, Diana Greenhalgh and Joana Lafuente.

Whilst an innocent student in the 1980s, a young woman named Dorian Gray was subjected to a ritualized assault at the hands of a cabal of ambitious men. It was in that moment that she became something both more and less than human.

Now, 40 years later, but not a day older, she’s ready for her revenge. She aims to destroy the men who wronged her, but more importantly, to end once and for all the culture of sexual predators and casual abuse. Gray believes the system can never serve women, so she's going to destroy it.