Halloween Man #12

Halloween Man
Issue #12
(6 ratings)


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Solomon and Lucy take a back seat to our supporting cast!

First up, that half-demon,hired gun Bella is back and is rocking Nashville in an assassin's duel with Murder Man! Can Music City survive? "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" features clean art by Tommaso Campanini, with colors by Harold Saxon!

Next we follow everyone's favorite bath robe wearing necromancer, Morlack as plunges into a way-out trip involving past,present and future. Featuring psychedelic art by John Sowder(FemForce), "Galaxie" will leave you feeling in a purple haze.

Finally, we take a long hard look at the nature of evil as the Phantom Hood journeys into the story of a master villain. "Tomorrow Belongs to Us" is a tale of twisted nostalgia with Golden Age style art Caitlin Butler Touchton.