Halloween Man Vol. 1: Ray Gun Gothic

Halloween Man
Vol. 1: Ray Gun Gothic
(7 ratings)


Praise for Halloween Man:

"Halloween Man takes insane characters and situations then makes sure the reader falls instantly in love! That, dear readers is the true magic that is comics!"
- Richard Boom Comicsforsinners.com

"If you haven't been reading Halloween Man, what the bloody heck are you waiting for?!?" - JR LeMar Iblogalot.com

"Shows the human side of being a monster" - James Ferguson Horrortalk.com

"I enjoyed this comic not only for the connection with Dr. Lucy Chaplin but also with the villain in this story. I can't reveal more than this as you really NEED to read it to experience it yourself. The story revolves around body image and acceptance, two topics that are rarely seen in comics. Truly a MUST READ!
-Liz Beth--BBWgeneration.com

Alien invasions, perversions of science, and the Devil's undead! All in a days work for Halloween Man and friends! This edition collects issues *1-9 of the Halloween Man Comixology series and features the critically acclaimed "Eye of the Beholder" and "Terrible Fruit Bats" storylines. Featuring art by Sergio Calvet (Magic of Myths, Dark of the Forest) this genre smashing series seamlessly blends horror, sci-fi, and high adventure. A must read for any comic fan!

*Doesn't feature back-ups or classic web comics.