Heavy Metal #282

Heavy Metal #282

Heavy Metal
Issue #282
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Heavy Metal 282, our Sci-Fi Special, is Here!—This is the one you've been hearing so much about, featuring the winners of our Threadless Cover Contest.

Highlights of this issue include two stories by the team of Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes: the verbose and trippy "Industria," and the wordless, mysterious "The Key." Pahek's "Gavrilo C-914″ takes us to Sarajevo in the year 3914, while the gallery of Jakub Rozalski's paintings takes us back to Poland in the year 1920 — but it's not the 1920 you'd expect. Continuing in the parallel-universe, alternate-history vein, there's "America Owns the Moon," a tale by Craig Wilson that takes us beyond the feat of landing on the green-cheese orb. We've also got previews of two Heavy Metal standalone series, both writtern by Donny Cates: "Atomahawk," a trippy, cyber-tribal chop-a-rama illustrated by Ian Bederman; and "Interceptor," an already-acclaimed, already-underway series about space vampires, pictures by Dylan Burnett. You'll also find the continuation of "Zentropa," by John Mahoney, and "Salsa Invertebraxa" by Mozchops; as well as the conclusion of Enki Bilal's "Julia and Roem." In the grand sci-fi tradition, Leonie O'Moore's "The Human Curse" seeks to better understand our own species through alien eyes; "Genres," by Diego Agrimbau and Pietro starts from a similar perspective, but goes in a much different direction. Also a 2-page twister entitled ""The City Beneath the Waves"" by Dwayne Harris.

If all that weren't enough, we've got a Bill Sienkiewicz classic from 1985, freshly remastered by the master himself. This is an issue not to be missed!