Isle Squared: Special I: Collected Premiere Issues

Isle Squared: Special I: Collected Premiere Issues

Isle Squared: Special I: Collected Premiere Issues


Isle Squared Comics presents ALL 5 Isle Squared series premiere issues written by Chuck Amadori.
I: Pale Dark: Issue 01
Subject K: Part 01 - A man, referred to only as Subject K, is interrogated and tortured by a strange pale man. Art by: Ruvel Abril. Sci-Fi/Drama.
II: Tether: Issue 01
Imperium: Part 01 - Alina is thrust into the Arena for the first time, catching the attention of the demented Doctor Murrell. Emperor Trovaar consults with the cerebrals. Doctor Murrell and Doctor Cybin undermine one another at every turn. Line by Alex Reis, colors Nimesh Morarji. Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
III. Empress: Issue 01
Starlet Lost: Part 01 - The supernatural/noir tale details the search for missing silent film queen Zia. As investigator Niles Lance is about to discover, sometimes it's better for the missing to stay missing. Line art by Marcelo Salaza and colors by Matheus Bronca. Empress co-produced with Brian Barr. Thriller.
IV: Snake: Issue 01
Homecoming: Part 01 - Snake is a former outlaw on a quest for redemption. Along the way she dishes out comeuppances to local Cambra bullies. Lines Alex Reis, colors Nimesh Morarji. Western.

V: Bang Bang Lucita: Issue 01
Bang Bang: Part 01 - Lucita teams up with President Ulysses S. Grant to rescue the First Lady from a gang of outlaws. Things aren't quite what they seem as mysterious forces seem to have their hands in things. Adventure and humor collide in this fun tale. Lines Edson Alves, colors Nimesh Morarji. Western.

VI: Bonus Material
- Protector Vixi: Issue 01 (early version)
- Xibalba: Issue 01 See the first 11 pages (fully lettered). Bonus Viperous Vixens cover inks.
- Snake: Issue 00
Prologue. The events of Snake's arrival to Cambra, minutes before Issue 01. The original short webcomic that was available for free online. Lines Alex Reis and colors Nimesh Morarji. First Draft Script by Fletcher Moore, dialogue/final draft by Chuck Amadori. Western.