Jocelyn Potter

Jocelyn Potter


Jocelyn Potter was born in San Antonio, Texas, two minutes after her identical twin sister Crystal. Her great grandmother Hallie Stillwell (1897-1997) was a legendary West Texas pioneer. Raised by a single father with a taste for Star Trek and British comedy, Jocelyn naturally gravitated toward an interest in the world of comics and sci-fi. The interest has remained into adulthood.
In 1998, the twins produced their own 12-minute sketch comedy reel and traveled to England to seek their fortune. The life of young, cute twins is typically filled with adventures and this trip was especially magical for the pair. They received offers from Granada Television and Playboy UK, neither of which came into being due to Visa complications. Returning to the States, they moved to Los Angeles and signed with an adult film company, Sin City. After only a few months, they retired from the adult business (for which they are still most famous) forever and concentrated on separate endeavors.
Jocelyn's continuing love for writing, however, brought her back to one of her first loves: comics

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