Justice League 3000 (2013-2015) Vol. 2: The Camelot War

Justice League 3000 (2013-2015)
Vol. 2: The Camelot War
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One thousand years from now, the greatest minds of the future brought the greatest heroes of the past back from the dead. Reborn into a twisted era of tyranny, the Justice League overcame missing memories, warped personalities, and bizarre new powers to band together and battle the all-powerful dictators who ruled the galaxies like gods, known as the Five.

They blew it.

Now the Flash is dead (again). The Green Lantern has been reduced to a flicker of his former self. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are at each other’s throats. And the Five have revealed their secret weapon: One of the supergenius siblings called the Wonder Twins, who resurrected the Justice League from oblivion, has been the League’s enemy all along.

But his twin sister Terri is alive and well. With the help of super-science, the Fastest Man Alive is about to be reborn…as the Fastest Woman. And if she isn’t quick enough to defeat the Five, the future’s greatest heroes may have to turn to the past’s goofiest ones faster than you can say “bwa-ha-ha”. It’s time-traveling, galaxy-hopping, gender-bending action as you like it!

Writers Keith Giffen (THE NEW 52: FUTURES END) and J.M. Dematteis (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK) re-team with artist Howard Porter (JLA) —and reunite with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, the characters that helped make them superstars—in JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000: THE CAMELOT WAR (collectsting issues #8-13).

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April 28 2015
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April 28 2015
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