Lady Death #1: Blasphemy Anthem (Chapter 10)

Lady Death
Issue #1: Blasphemy Anthem (Chapter 10)


Blasphemy Anthem (Chapter 10)
In the wake of the tragic events revealed in Lady Death "Scorched Earth", the extinction level villainy of The Trinity threatens humanity, the Halo Corporation threatens Lady Death and The Hellbourne Sect appear to be the puppet masters behind it all. To defeat these threats for once and for all, THE SWORN, a group of supernatural anti-heroes are assembled. The Sworn: Steelheart, native American shape-changing were-woman, Michael, the warrior Archangel Wargoth of the Everkind, Zack & Zane Zander, supernatural exterminators extraordinaire, Mr. Atticus Marrow, the mysterious master of the occult, Chaotica, elemental witch in training and Hellslinger, dimension jumper. And introducing - Lady Satanus, the devil's daughter! What is Lady Death's role in all this? Is she an ally, or an enemy of The Sworn? It all comes down to this, and I promise, in the end, Lady Death is irrevocably changed forever!!!!