Last Driver

Last Driver

Last Driver


In a world riddled with death, despair, and giant man-eating monster, one man does his best to not let the apocalypse get him down!

"10/10" - Gary Watson, Comics Anonymous

"A riotous, raucous road movie of a comic. The end of the world never looked so cool!" - Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

"Great pop culture art, a lot of fun" - Pat Mills, 2000AD

"Packed full of crazy detail and eye-popping colour!" - Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

"Another notch in Dead Canary Comics' publishing belt, further establishing their presence for solid indie titles worth one's time and money." - Michele Brittany, Fanbase Press

"Secretly we all want to be Frank Sudden. Roll on the apocalypse!" - Tony Ezra, The Awesome Comics Podcast