Leo Kragg: Prowler Vol. 2

Leo Kragg: Prowler
Vol. 2


The exploits of Leo Kragg: Prowler -- an Old School crimebusting vigilante whose urge to prowl has long since outlived his heyday -- marked a high point of the independent-comics phenomenon of the 1980s and 1990s, teaming comics-scene masters Timothy Truman, John K. Snyder III, and Graham Nolan with FORGOTTEN HORRORS creator Michael H. Price. The restoration and expansion of the series continues with LEO KRAGG: PROWLER VOL. II, adding Todd Camp to the lineup of artists and completing the arc of the original 10 magazines while adding a short story to cap the series. Born of the social turmoil of the Great Depression, Kragg's masked alter ego, the Prowler, gained heroic recognition during World War II, when he lent his fists and .45 automatics to the Allied Effort -- only to find himself outlawed once again amidst the rampant paranoia of the 1950s. The original LEO KRAGG: PROWLER series is completed here for the first time as a self-contained graphic novel, tracing the desperate arc of Leo Kragg's later years as he and his protege reunite with wartime comrades against a predatory menace.