Major Grom #2

Major Grom
Issue #2
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Plague Doctor, part 2
There's a serial killer in the Middle Ages plague doctor's mask operating in St. Petersburg. Having declared himself the only savior of the cultural capital of Russia, which is ill with "plague of iniquity and injustice", he immediately starts to clean up the city. First of all, the "Doctor" deals with the son of City Attorney, Kirill Grechkin. The famous bon vivant and road hog, Kirill killed two pedestrians on one of the busiest streets of St. Petersburg about a year ago. However, the case never made it to the court: for unknown reasons, the videos from surveillance cameras were gone, and all the witnesses of the incident refused to testify. The killer burns Grechkin alive in his car in revenge, plunges a knife with a white ribbon into the speed limit sign and scatters around the leaflets with the promise that this "murder for justice" is not the last one.
The media quickly pick up the sensational news, ballyhooing the interest for the "Plague Doctor", which is already considerable. The public immediately names people's masked avenger "The Citizen" and a group of the same name is created on the most popular social network "Together". In a few hours it gets tens of thousands of subscribers who argue about who he is - fighter with strong ideological principles or the Messiah.
However, for the police detective Igor Grom and his rookie partner Dima "The Citizen" is, first of all, a cold-blooded killer, who must be found and neutralized at any cost. So, Major Grom gets into Grechkin's empty apartment, learning interesting facts about his life (a fan of FC "Zenith", loves hunting and beautiful women) and questions prostitute Violet, a recent "acquaintance" of Kirilll, after smashing down the brothel. At the same time Igor gets involved into a fight and saves a journalist Julia Pchelkina from the attack of two armed motorcyclists, getting a business card with a phone number and a kiss as a reward.
Major Grom is trying to understand the motivation of the maniac. On the one hand, he's literally crazy about the culture of the Middle Ages, wears the plague doctor mask and predicts the imminent massacre of all the "contagious". On the other - he has a clear civic stance, and, according to his logic, almost any official and public servant of the country could be called "ill". The number of potential victims is increasing, and the time to reveal the identity of the "Citizen" is running out. Having nothing but dribs and drabs of gossip and rumors, Major Grom begins his investigation...