Marc Alan Fishman

Marc Alan Fishman


From the hallowed halls of the Herron School of Art (at Indiana University in Indianapolis, of course) comes Marc Alan Fishman. Graduating with BFA in General Fine Arts, with a minor of creative writing, Marc brings a loaded backpack full of talents to Unshaven Comics. As an artist, Marc has contributed the covers to all of the studio's comics, as well as digital coloring and lettering. In addition to the laying, graphic design, and cover detail, Marc has also contributed written work as well... writing the on-page script for "The March: Crossing Bridges in America" as well as scripts for "the White", "Ironside: Living Will Is The Best Revenge" and other features in the "Disposable Razors" series.

When Marc isn't chained to a computer, he's happily chained to his wonderful wife Kathy. Marc and Kathy live with their two cats, Joey and Buster, in the south suburbs of Chicago... literally 3 minutes away from Matt and Amy. Marc is an admitted addict to Diet Coke and Gummy Bears, as well as a video game enthusiast, guitar player, and graphic designer. Only the last hobby pays any bills though. Folliclely speaking, Marc used to rock a mighty pair of mutton chops... but over time, they grew to love one another so much, they united to form Marc's mighty beard. He's grown accustomed to it though... so it stays.

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