A new hero for our times - from the fertile imagination of music superstar, ZIGGY MARLEY!

A noble champion has arrived on Earth, and he brings an important message even as he struggles to save his own planet.

We guarantee: This is not the comic you think it is!

"Honestly, the book really is awesome. It's pretty much a straight-out, color-saturated, action-packed, mind-altering, insanely kinetic tour de force of pure awesomeness... You can stare at these pages forever, just basking in the unadulterated pop-art beauty of them." -Comics Bulletin

"Marijuanaman has woven a complex tapestry of musical references and deep plot lines that have been said should impress both comic geeks and Bob Marley aficionados."

" Jim Mahfood's slick and retro-feeling style is just beyond gorgeous. With beautiful women and evil business men that will invoke an air of Pink Floyd, the art in this book is far from the typical '90s-inspired muscle-bound super-hero fare." -Guerilla Geek