Mayo Chiki! Vol. 2

Mayo Chiki!
Vol. 2
(14 ratings)


Butler VS. Maid!

Golden Week has arrived, but there's never a moment's rest for poor Sakamachi Kinjiro. The cross-dressing butler Konoe has been thrown out of her home and begs Kinjiro to let her move in. Worse, her ball-busting mistress Suzutsuki Kanade declares she's moving in too!

With everyone crammed under one roof-including Kinjiro's bossy kid sister-the shenanigans begin. To repay Kinjiro, Kanade insists on becoming his maid, while Konoe wants to be his butler! An epic butler vs. maid contest ensues, with Kinjiro and his sister as unsuspecting judges.

All of this, of course, is just another one of Kanade's sadistic ploys to manipulate Kinjiro to do her bidding. What's a guy like Kinjiro to do, as he suffers from an incurable phobia of women, while surrounded by hot chicks whose goal in life is to torture his hapless soul?

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October 16 2013
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