Meteora #6

Issue #6
(13 ratings)


Matter of Honor, part 2
Legendary space smuggler Meteora is always ready for a new, even most reckless undertaking, with the help of her friends, Push and Ziggy. Her explosive nature (that earned her her nickname) and unbelievable marksmanship was the reason Ora was never short of adventures.
After yet another completed task, the team divides the earnings, and Ziggy takes his cut to the underground casino. However, the poor guy catches a bad streak at the table - first he gambles away all his energycubes, and then Meteora’s ship. Ora’s trying to bargain the ship back, but the owner of the casino, Bura, is only willing to settle at the inconceivable 300 thousand cubes! Ziggy offers to go to the planet Loudon, where the tournament for Galaxy - the most popular game all over the space - is taking place. Tournament’s prize fund is 500 thousand energycubes. However, Ziggy has long been on the wanted list on this planet (for multiple cases of debt and fraud), and the only way for him to get there is to go disguised as another creature. Upon arriving on Loudon, masqueraded Ziggy enters the tournament. meanwhile, the escaped Gabroid fugitive is headed for the same planet...