Neon Future #5

Neon Future
Issue #5
(8 ratings)


An action-packed issue that raises the stakes and propels the story towards the shocking climax to arc one (in issue 6). We open on Mars and EZ as they negotiate a secret deal that could very well end Neon Future as we know it. At the same time, a CTG raid of Andi's lair leaves Float fighting for his life and introduces us to a wild new character who may hurt more than she helps. Kita summons Clay, Hubble, Chen and Dee for a last-ditch effort to save Float and Andi - a mission that not all of them will survive. Brought to you by DJ/Producer Steve Aoki, Eisner award winning writer Jim Krueger; artists Neil Edwards (Superman, Justice League, X-Men) and Jheremy Raapack (Injustice) by new indie publisher Impact Theory Comics.