Octal Vol. 1

Octal Vol. 1

Vol. 1
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Octal is a curated catalog of comic pitch packets. With each pitch packet built around an 8-page pilot, Octal functions as a comic anthology while providing first looks at potential upcoming comic books / series and bringing a bit of transparency to the comic pitching process.

Octal Volume 1 features:
-= Necromancer Bill =-
After a hapless divorcee is mistakenly given necromantic powers, he must get his own life in order before he can master the powers of death.

-= Sane6 =-
When a group of contract criminals sign on for the biggest job of their careers, they soon unearth disturbing facts, which indicate that there may be more to their client's agenda than they thought.

-= Daversham Rex =-
The finger of suspicion falls upon an eccentric detective when his prime suspects in a case of apparent vampirism are murdered under peculiar circumstances.

-= SIN =-
After devastating event leaves a once-great nation in ruins, an angsty teen finds himself endowed with supernatural powers and stalked by a mysterious figure.

-= Escape Velocity =-
Pursued by feudal warlords, crime syndicates, and dark magic guilds, a teenage vagabond and her companions embark on a magic and mayhem-filled space odyssey.

-= Free Lance =-
There's no job too large or challenge too great for Free Lance. Trolls, witches, and demons: nothing will stand between him and his payment... at least, not for very long.

-= Astral Crusaders =-
Hurtling through uncharted space, a battalion of crusaders wage war against a new breed of aliens whilst questioning their very own existence.

-= Drust =-
Cursed with immortality, Drust must hunt the beings born of his demonic blood. Only after his family has been exterminated can this antlered warrior find the peace of death.