Octal Vol. 2

Octal Vol. 2

Vol. 2
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Octal is a curated catalog of comic pitch packets. Built around 8-page pilots, its volumes read like a comic anthology with bonus features-- all while providing first looks at potential books and series.

Octal Volume 2 features:

-= Celflux =-
An inexperienced priestess leads a disjointed group of reluctant heroes to save her planet from an ancient evil.

-= Night of the Living Dead =-
Decades after its initial run, FantaCo's Night of the Living Dead has been resurrected with enough supplemental material to assuage even the most insatiable of appetites.

-= Disunity =-
Earth is plagued by a series of inter-dimensional incursions after a physicist's failed experiment puts the entire multiverse in jeopardy.

-= Ulfberht =-
A trio of viking outlaws embark on a journey to find and destroy the powerful sword, Ulfberht.

-= Charmer =-
A young sorceress attempts to destroy the cult that raise her to be their ultimate sacrifice.

-= Travelers =-
An amiable, accounting android and a high-strung detective travel through a dystopian Eastern Europe, solving crime along the way and shattering preconceptions about artificial intelligence and intelligence in general.

-= Possession =-
Greek gods imbue young lovers with superhuman strength and endurance as voyeuristic foreplay but when fabled monsters attack, the couple must unearth and neutralize their source.

-= The Seekers =-
A pastor and an orphaned girl form an uneasy alliance dedicated to exorcising the Old West's demons.