Power Broker #2

Power Broker
Issue #2
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Fly In The Ointment
The saga continues...following Mason's ambush and failed assassination at the hands of an unknown Power Jacker, Kira comes to the rescue and clears the scene. Having staked out her partner's residence on a psychic hunch, she radios a CBA sweeper team and CSI unit to comb for clues. Forensic tech, Sam, arrives and confirms the worst: someone has devised an overwrite to the Central Brokering Agency's chastity belt -- the heretofore inviolable code sequence that permanently revokes a violator's super power. The overwrite is a potential powder keg, creating an open season for criminal Power Jackers. Across Potentia, the 30-year gala of Eva "Madame" Duvray, billionaire heiress of Pinnacle Laboratories and the world's largest brokerage of human super power, is in full swing. Potentia's privileged elite are feted by the self-appointed godmother of super power and star of her own macabre show. Her special guest of honor is Noel Robertson, Director of the CBA, who is escorted by his bodyguards. After a brief interchange and champagne toast, Madame Duvray retires with her henchman, Emile, to the restricted access levels of her Pinnacle Tower, harboring the heavily-guarded nursery for her deadliest secret: her brood of anything-but-cutesy "Zygotes". They prove their psionic lethality by ridding their mother of Mason's failed assassin.

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July 4 2018
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