Princeless: Girls Rock/Girls Leadership Anthology #6

Princeless: Girls Rock/Girls Leadership Anthology
Issue #6
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Princeless has been one of the most beloved ongoing all-ages comics for six years, six volumes, four issues of short stories, and one action packed spin-off. Now, witness a brand new first for Princeless.

In order to give back to the communities that inspire us as creators every day, Princeless is starting up a charity anthology. While the entire anthology will be collected in physical form later this year, digital issues will be coming out starting in February. The best part is, this has given us an amazing opportunity to work with some of our friends, first supporters, and heroes. This anthology features original stories of or inspired by Adrienne, Raven, and Bedelia form some of comics top talent. Included in this issue are: Greg Pak, Mikki Kendall, Tristan J. Tarwater, Melissa Capriglione, Janet Lundeen, G. Pike, Alex Heberling and Shawn Gabborin! So won't you join us for a few new adventures while giving back to charities that help build the strong female characters of tomorrow?