Pure Entertainment #1

Pure Entertainment #1

Pure Entertainment
Issue #1


Rock n Roll!
Originally published in the 80s by Look Mom, Comics!, Pure Entertainment brought together some of the best cartooning talent in alternative comics from the New York area (and beyond!) to celebrate, denigrate and generally disseminate Rock Music. Many of the artists in Pure Entertainment went on to bigger and better things and this book provides a great "then and now" perspective on these great cartoonists.

Pure Entertainment is a 72 page, B&W 5" x 7.5" pocket book edited by Pete Friedrich and featuring pieces by Bob Camp, Peter Kuper, Mort Todd, J.B. Bonivert, Dave Simons, Gary Hallgren, Gene Fama, Michael Fontanelli, Eric Cartier, Voss, and much more! The book includes a huge range illustrated of bands and songs - from early Roxy Music to New York Dolls to Devo to Geza X and everything inbetween, plus lots of original storylines!