Radio Free Amerika

Radio Free Amerika

Radio Free Amerika


Set in 2020, Radio Free Amerika chronicles the story of DJ Mose B., a young African-American man living in a refugee camp along the Canadian border following the overthrow of the United States government by a coalition of communist and Arab nations.

"It's Red Dawn meets The Wire. World War III from an urban perspective," said creator B. Robert Bell. "After five years of occupation, the exiled U.S. forces are preparing to stage a second revolution. Mose operates a pirate radio operation, RADIO FREE AMERIKA, and passes information to the few remaining pockets of resistance fighters via the hip hop tracks he spins. He's a young guy from Philly, completely out of his element, but doing what it takes to survive and help the cause."

Glyph Award Nominated for Best Male Character in a Comic Book: Moses, RADIO FREE AMERIKA; created by B. Robert Bell, writer and penciller, Robert Jeffrey II, co-writer


Rising Star Award: B. Robert Bell & Robert Jeffrey II