Reckless Chronicles #1

Reckless Chronicles
Issue #1
(2 ratings)


Three tales of genius inventors, Saturday morning cartoon heroes and self-absorbed geeks! They will take you on adventures from the streets of Victorian
London to super-secret laboratories, and all the way into the vast reaches of space! A variety of comic book characters that will transport you to the wildest reaches of your imagination, as they right the wrongs, defend the confused and seek justice in the most unlikely of places. So get ready! It’s time for the Reckless Chronicles!

Time Traveling Team-Ups
The world of H.G. Wells' "Time Machine" has been reborn! Harland Wells is a lost soul who has spent most of his adult life searching for his father, who disappeared years before our story begins. Harland’s life takes a mysterious turn when he receives a letter confirming that his father is indeed alive, sending him on a journey into the unknown!

Hero Envy
The next great non-event begins here, in the first chapter of "Un-Original Sins"! On a secret moon base, deep in outer space, U-Toob the Pointer is binge watching the current season of "Game of Porcelain Thrones". Suddenly, his home is invaded by a mad man intent on stealing his powerful pointer! Once again, U-Toob must enlist the help of the "Hero Envy" gang, which has been reduced to a duo after their last adventure left them homeless, penniless, and minus two friends. The laughs have returned in this sequel to the acclaimed mini-series from RSP Productions!

Mighty Mascots
Six Cereal Mascots and one Soft Drink Pitchman are brought to electrifying life when an experimental formula explodes in a laboratory break room. Suddenly lost and confused, these powerful fledgling forces of justice must escape the evil clutches of Doctor Baneful, who is intent on exploiting and dissecting them! Their only ally is Manny Coleman, a washed up, former childhood actor turned scientist.