Red Fury #2

Red Fury
Issue #2
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In search of the Holy Grail, part 2
Nika, the best thief in the world, is recruited by agent Delta of the secret organization called "ICA". The International Control Agency was created in the late 40's for one purpose - to prevent armed conflicts around the world, and it performs its task perfectly (for example, the peaceful outcome of the Cuban missile crisis is the work of "ICA"). But why does such a powerful organization need services of a fragile girl, even though she has plundered the largest museums in the world, from the Louvre to the Tretyakov Gallery?
It's not too long before the redheaded beauty learns the truth: there is an ancient prophecy about the "Instruments of the Passion" - if the Sword of Saint Peter, the Lance of Longinus and the Holy Grail will be gathered together, their owner will receive eternal power over the world! The greatest rulers in the history tried to gather the complete "set". Their desire to get relics has often led to bloody wars. Adolf Hitler came closer than the others: he found the Grail, retrieved the Sword, but could not snatch away the Lance from the Soviet Union and lost the World War Two. The Holy Grail was safely hidden away according to the personal instructions of the Fuhrer shortly before the German surrender. The Great Dictator hoped his successors will find the artifact and redeem all the failures of the German nation, but the Chalice was never found, there was nothing to be heard of it since... Until this very moment!
The personal journal of Hitler emerges at Sotheby's auction in Munich. It is believed that in contains encrypted clues about the whereabouts of the Holy Grail! The "ICA" agency is concerned about the fact that this news definitely will inspire madmen, who dream of world domination, and immediately buys the journal and engages the best professionals for the search: an American - Joshua Donato (survival expert), an Englishman - Arthur Huxley (sniper), a German - Lotta Lemke (assault operations), a Chinese - Yang Wang (engineer) and a Russian - Nika Chaikina (stealth), who is assisted by an old friend, hacker Johnny. Agent Delta, the coordinator of the group, warns members of the operation: no matter what happens, the Chalice should not fall into the wrong hands!
Nika, who was nicknamed "The Red Fury" by her colleagues, begins the most exciting and dangerous adventure in her whole life - the quest for the Holy Grail...