Red Fury #3

Red Fury
Issue #3
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In search of the Holy Grail, part 3
The "ICA" (International Control Agency), established in the late 40s in order to prevent military conflicts around the world, gets seriously concerned when Hitler's personal journal crops up at the Sotheby's auction in Munich. It is believed that it contains hidden clues about the location of the Holy Grail - the relic, which in its time started the Second World War! The "ICA" immediately buys the journal out and engages the best professionals in the search: an American - Joshua Donato (survival expert), an Englishman - Arthur Huxley (sniper), a German - Lotta Lemke (assault operations), a Chinese - Yang Wang (engineer) and a Russian - Nika Chaikina (secretive intrusion), who is assisted by an old friend, Johnny the Hacker. Agent Delta, the coordinator of the group, warned members of the operation: no matter what happens, the Chalice should not fall into the wrong hands; otherwise there will be a massacre...
It turns out that Hitler encrypted path to the hidden Chalice, using towers of Bismarck: 240 of them were built (and 175 survived to nowadays) all over the four continents! However, the group does not have time to find out which tower to begin the search with - the agent who was transporting the journal is killed on his way, and the journal disappears! The only clue is a Neo-Nazi Hans Schweiger, member of the "Order of Bismarck", a rehabilitation center for all sorts of criminals.
Nika and Lotta dress up as waitresses and get into the headquarters of the association, where the birthday of Bismarck is being celebrated. A philanthropist and founder of the Order, Wolfgang Vogel attracts Nika's attention: it turns out that he is the person, who paid for the robbery! After making sure that all the information is transferred into electronic format, Vogel throws the journal into the fireplace, but Nika manages to pull the journal out of the fire, thanks to her outstanding dexterity! At the same time Lotta catches a spy of the "Order of Bismarck ", who has followed the whole group! Joshua tries to interrogate the prisoner during flight, but it goes bad for the American - the distraught German steals his grenade and blows himself up right on board of the plane!
Once on a desert island, the miraculously survived team is trying to establish contact with the outer world. Nika suddenly remembers that just before the explosion Johnny wanted to show her a very important picture taken a week earlier! She opens the laptop and sees the photo of Wolfgang Vogel accompanied by... Lotta Lemke!