Sector #4

Issue #4
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** Uncharted Waters - Part 4 **
Having sacrificed his cabin boy to obtain a mysterious object from the Witch of Cirne, pirate Captain Van Hunks is closer than ever to revealing the location of the city of Urr.

** The Illustrated Guide to the End of the World - Part 4 **
Since their first meeting as hunter and prey, Jack and Chalithra have become reluctant allies. What they don't know is that they're really pawns in an infernal cosmic game to end all games!

** Red Air - Part 3 **
Murder brought botanist Randall Hoffman from the safety of his remote greenhouse getaway to the only dancefloor on Mars. On the trail of a killer, Hoffman, engineer KK Khan and communications officer Sass Stone are about to find themselves trapped in the darkest place on any planet...

Let's take a ride in / run with the dogs tonight, *klik*
You can't hide / run with the dogs tonight *klik*