Sentinels #8

Issue #8
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Since regrouping, the Sentinels have had their headquarters (the Citadel) destroyed, were attacked by a Lord of Hell (Damien), lost another teammate (Gospel), fought a government super-powered team (O.R.D.E.R.), lost their high-tech computer system (CYPRUS) and have now been abducted by aliens.
Now imprisoned on the planet Alteria, the Sentinels have allied themselves with the Alterian's enemies and fellow prisoners, the Kagarans, with the promise that they would help them return to Earth. But before they can do that, the Sentinels must also find missing teammates, Splash and Serpenta.
Alone and lost, Splash may hold the secret to saving the team and stopping the war between the Alterians and the Kagarians. And what will become of the Alterian offspring of Serpenta? Can the Sentinels get back to Earth? And if they do, what will be waiting for them? This issue completes the first arc of the SENTINELS series!