Sgt. Fury Masterworks Vol. 3

Sgt. Fury Masterworks
Vol. 3
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Collects Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos (1963) #24-32 & Annual #2.

Report for duty! It's time for another Marvel Masterworks mission with Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos! It's all-out action against the Axis powers, done in the Mighty Marvel Method as Fury and the Howlers protect the Manhattan Project and the atom bomb against Nazi spies and saboteurs; uproot an undercover agent who is none other than Red Skull; confront a traitor in their own ranks; and go mano-a-mano with Baron Strucker in a knock-down, drag-out fight battle in war-torn France. You'll also see revealed-for the first time-the origin of Nick Fury's eye-patch, follow Dum Dum Dugan as he goes it alone behind enemy lines, and experience the Allied push when Operation Overlord comes together on D-Day! Illustrated by the fightin' man's penciller, Dick Ayers, and scripted by Stan "The Man" and his armed-forces heir apparent, Roy Thomas, it's an all-out classic.

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November 16 2017
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