Shon C. Bury

Shon C. Bury


Veteran comic-book creator Shon C. Bury founded Space Goat Productions in 2006, bringing together several international studios and independent artists to create the industry’s premier talent management agency and production studio.
Shon began his comic book career at age 22 writing for such publishers as Marvel, DC Comics, WildStorm, and Acclaim. Career highlights include writing Superman Adventures, Impulse, Power Pack, and a canceled relaunch of Micronauts with Carrie Nord for Marvel. Shon transitioned into talent management and packaging after a four year hiatus from the industry—and now represents hundreds of artists all over the world who have produced hundreds (and hundreds) of comics for the biggest publishers in the world.

Shon lives at Space Goat HQ with three cats. He does not sleep and he eats comics for lunch.

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