So Buttons #4

So Buttons
Issue #4
(2 ratings)


So Buttons #4 written by Jonathan Baylis

Following in the Harvey Pekar model, Baylis partners with different artists to translate his stories into sequential art. The new issue contains artwork from Noah Van Sciver (Fantagraphics), Fred Hembeck (Marvel), Thomas Boatwright (Slave Labor Graphics), T.J. Kirsch (She Died in Terrebonne), and many others. So Buttons is an invitation to laugh and be moved by memories and experiences everyone can relate to.

What others have said about previous issues of So Buttons:

Chris Staros (Top Shelf) "So I went to L.A. - Nice story -- learned something too."
Nick Bertozzi (The Salon) "Don't let Baylis fool you. Yes, his comics are funny, but I read them for the quiet, human moments that will stick with you long after you've finished reading."
Dean Haspiel (on L.A./Kong) "I really dug 'So I Went To L.A.' great story/great art. The King Kong tale was fun, too [nostalgic]. I dig the artist you're working with. You two make a swell pair."

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