Some Strange Disturbances

Some Strange Disturbances

Some Strange Disturbances


A spiritualist with a secret to hide. A choral performer who can't fit in. A Comtesse trapped against her will and in her own body.

Victorian London & the evils within will bring these three together to fight against the darkness, both personal and phantasmagorical, that threatens to consume them all.

"Some Strange Disturbances is a vivid, compelling story of queer power and psychic/spiritual forces, all blended together. Set in Victorian England--and how good it is to see this cruel class-ridden, racist and queerphobic culture stripped free of the usual sentimentality--it shows the innate power of queer people when they embrace who they are, even if it means terrible suffering.

Wonderful book. I am so glad I read it. It will stay with me."

- Rachel Pollack
Writer of Doom Patrol and other comics, and author of The Beatrix Gates

"Creating historical fiction and horror comics can be a tricky business, but the creative team behind Some Strange Disturbances have knocked it out of the park! The Victorian-era visuals are lushly realized and impeccably researched, and the characters are both authentic to the period and feel completely modern in their diverse identities and sensibilities.
I'm already holding my breathe for more of these adventures!"
- Justin Hall
Cartoonist, Educator & Editor of
No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics