Sons of Fate (Origins) #1

Sons of Fate (Origins)
Issue #1
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the Fateful Meeting
Sons of Fate: A lost chapter in the history of ancient Japan and the code of the Samurai via an unlikely warrior from the most foreign of lands.

It is the Tokugawa era. The Shogunate having suppressed the constant rebellions of the nation now sets its sights on expanding their dominance throughout the world. In doing so, General Daiki Jinjaku is commissioned
to lead a small fleet seaward in order to gain new trade routes, and charter waterways to new lands. The general having the utmost pride towards his duty towards his nation triumphantly goes forth, leaving his
beloved wife and young son Omo behind. Omo, wanting to grow up in the honorable ways of Daiki promises to work hard in everything he does in order to reach his fathers greatness. Daiki promises that one day he will return to his homeland to see the pride of Japan his son has become. Many years later, on the way home from their mission, the samurai are overwhelmed by obstacles obscuring their journey. This mission, almost form the onset is met with great catastrophe and most of the fleet is lost. Eventually, only Daiki reaches mainland, as the only survivor,
and manages to settle in his new home, where he is now stranded. That land is Africa. Through circumstance, he meets a young and impressionable boy named Kamau, who wins Daiki's favor through sheer will. From the onset of the mission, Daiki has not understood the tragedy in his life. His failures', far outweighing his success, his only option is to press forward. Not being able to see where his destiny is leading him, he questions his actions and how they lead to his comrade's death. KNOWING that he may never see his wife and child again, Daiki finally realizes his purpose, through the child Kamau, Daiki decides to take on the child as his apprentice, teaching him
EVERYTHING he has learned in his life. Doing this as a tribute to his son, his son, in the time span form leaving Edo to arriving in this foreign land, is now a man. A man he knows he may never see again.

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