Squalor #4

Issue #4


"Masters of the Dance". Welcome to A-Time, not another dimension, not a parallel world, but your very own neighborhood bereft of linear time! Here, past, present and future merge like expressway off-ramps. Here, bestial six legged Quirks can alter the future, Glitches of powerful emotion swarm once-stable lives, and Archetypes leave (big) footprints. After a nervous breakdown, genius double-doctorate Harry Keller wasn’t looking for A-Time, but he found it. Like many explorers before him, he soon learns that the terra incognita is dazzling and dangerous, because whatever happens in A-Time also has an effect here, from benign to devastating. And, just like those explorers, Harry Keller thinks he’s the first. Embracing the crazy within (because, really, what else can you do?) Harry not only finally figures out he’s not the first to visit A-Time, but that someone else has been attempting to rearrange the future and reelect Ronald Reagan (yes, this takes place in the late 80s), so he can die in office and thus fulfill the presidential Zero Curse! Unfortunately, this entails all sorts of other bad stuff which Harry has to stop. I swear, it all makes sense (of a sort) in this thrilling conclusion! From best-selling author Stefan Petrucha (Marvel's Deadpool: Paws, Ripper).

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Page Count
32 Pages
Digital Release Date
June 22 2016
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15+ Only
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