Star Brand: New Universe Vol. 1

Star Brand: New Universe
Vol. 1
(13 ratings)


Collects Star Brand #1-10, Annual #1 and Spitfire and the Troubleshooters #5.

There is one weapon in the galaxy more powerful than all others. Nothing is more coveted or feared, loved or hated. To dare possess it makes you a fool or madman — or, quite possibly, the right man! A mysterious encounter with an old stranger is about to leave Ken Connell as the latest to wield the power of the Star Brand! With this incredible tattoo come staggering abilities: flight, strength, near-invulnerability and the explosive force of an atom bomb. But it also attracts enemies: aliens seeking to claim the Star Brand for their own, nuke-toting terrorists — even other adventurers from this New Universe, like the armored Spitfire! Ken Connell can't even be a good boyfriend — could he possibly have it in him to be a hero?