Starburns Presents

Starburns Presents

Starburns Presents
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Free Comic Book Day 2019
Place your bets! Which new Starburns Press series will you immediately want to read more of? Or will it be all of them?

This year's incredible lineup showcasing SBI's 2019 releases includes original shorts from the worlds of speed demon yeti Nasquatch and unlikely mercenaries B-Squad; tantalizing excerpts of galactic throwdown Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, Hellicious's interactive freakout Pick Your Perdition, and Josh Fadem's lushly illustrated head trip A Whole New Set of Problems; plus a full chapter of anarchy in the Milky Way in Gryffen!

Featuring rising stars of comics Kelly Williams (A Letter to Jo), C. W. Cooke (Solitary), Ed Kuehnel, Matt Entin, Dan Schkade (The Spirit), Mina Elwell (InterNoct), A. C. Medina (Monarchs), Kit Wallis (2000 AD), Trevor Richardson, Eben Burgoon, Michael Calero, Ben Kahn (Heavenly Blues), and Bruno Hidalgo (Once Upon a Time Machine), with already-star of comedy Josh Fadem (30 Rock)!