Steven Williams

Steven Williams


Hey lovely people, thanks for the taking the time to check out my works and you know not saying anything terribly douchey. Any advice or just plain old support is very welcome. Id also like to thank all of my influences whom I will always to look to totally rip off and copy shamelessly, lol! I promise if i ever actually get paid to draw and paint for a living not only will I fork over the cash for some your original works but Ill even take you out for a steak dinner.

Favorite Visual Artists

Mucha, Frazetta, Tarantino, Hughes, Charest, Ikegami, Toth, Scott Williams, Jean Giraud, Dave Rapoza, Rothko, Art Adams, Franklin Booth, Coro, Kirby, Mark Morales, Mignola, Ingres, Klimt, Rockwell, Steve Rude, Brad Rigney, Sebastian Krueger
Alex Ross, Hitchcock!!, Masamune Shirow, Bob Camp.

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