Super A.I. #11

Super A.I.
Issue #11


The human/robot immortality experiment
The human/robot immortality experiment:

A human being called, RON scanned his brain into a computer as a digital version of himself. Two copies were made called: DAVE and JAKE.. RON is the examiner and is trying to determine if all three objects, including himself, are the same or separate entities?

First the examiner puts the two copies into separate rooms where computer DAVE is playing videogames while his counterpart, computer JAKE is tortured. Next, the examiner questions computer DAVE on wIther he felt pain or suffering when he was in his room playing computer games. Conversely, the same series of questions are asked of JAKE.

The next experiment is to kill one of the copies and to try and determine if the other felt anything (and vice versa). This part is trying to determine if there are pre-existing connections, wither physical or spiritual in nature between the two copies.

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