Terry LaBan

Terry LaBan


A native of the Detroit, Michigan, Terry LaBan graduated from the University of Michigan in 1984 with a BFA. After a year and a half solo-backpacking trip around the world, Terry returned to Ann Arbor and began freelancing political cartoons and illustrations to the Ann Arbor News.
In 1989, LaBan moved to Chicago and began drawing and writing comic books, quickly becoming a major player in the then-burgeoning alternative comics scene. Between 1989 and 1998 he wrote and drew three complete series--Unsupervised Existence (nominated for two Harvey awards, "Best New Series" and "Best New Artist" in 1990) and Cud (nominated for a Harvey Award, "Best New Series" in 1992) for Fantagraphics Books and Cud Comics for Dark Horse Comics. LaBan also spent many years as a comic book writer, notably with Egmont, a major publisher of Disney comics based in Denmark , and DC Comics.
In 2001, Terry and his wife Patty began work on Edge City, a daily comic strip nationally syndicated by King Features Syndicate. It's been appearing in papers around the country ever since.

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