The Adventures of Alibi Jones #2

The Adventures of Alibi Jones
Issue #2
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Coups? Phantoms? Alibi Jones: Magnet for Trouble!

Alibi Jones - mediator for The Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force - The SAIF - in the 2130s - negotiates agreements between humans, humankind and alien races. He's the foster son of the former leader of the Solar Alliance. And he seems to have a knack for being in interesting places at most interesting times! Featuring two stories:

"Alibi Jones: Vacation" - After rescuing his now-girlfriend Katie from alien kidnappers (a story told in the novel ALIBI JONES), Alibi decides he and Katie need a vacation. They set out to visit their Dakhur friend Kit at his new diplomatic job on the planet called "Paradise" - not knowing a coup is about to erupt! Leave it to Alibi to get caught in the middle of EVERYTHING!


"Alibi Jones & the Wishing Stone" - When Finder (whom Alibi met in the novel ALIBI JONES AND THE SUNRISE OF HUR) sends Alibi off to find an old alien relic known as the "Wishing Stone", Alibi discovers being careful what you wish for isn't merely an old cliche!