The Charlton Arrow #2

The Charlton Arrow #2

The Charlton Arrow
Issue #2
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MR. JIGSAW in BEACH BALLOONS by Ron Fortier and Gary Kato. In the twilight of the Charlton era, many new features were introduced in their pages, including the beloved Man of a Thousand Parts named Mr. Jigsaw! The character has gone on to have a popular career in his own title and appears here in an all-new adventure!

NEVER HITCH A RIDE by Jack Keller. From the Charlton Garage roars a vintage tale from Hot Rods and Racing Cars #89 (February 1968). Clint Curtis learns that it's just as true then as now... beware of picking up rides with strangers! A special preview of the new ACE Comics title, Classic Hot Rods and Racing Car Comics!

THE CURE-ALL by Stephen Skeates, Howard Bender and Neil Vokes. What's a werewolf to do when looking for a depilatory in the wild west? Find one of those snake-oil peddlers, natch! But those old-fashioned remedies never work... Or do they? A lurid tale of lycanthropy presented by Mr. Bones!

THE GOLDEN PHARAOH by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette. Originally commissioned in 1967 by Charlton Comics, here is an unpublished epic scheduled for the final issue of an action title that was never released. Ambassador Christopher Smith and his able assistant learn of a nefarious plot to steal all the world's gold!

THE BARELY SENTIENTS by Mort Todd. During the height of Charlton Comics' reign of Action Stars, there was an uncanny super-team that appeared in the back of the Thunderbolt series... well, this ain't them! A satire of Charlton's off-beat beatnik super-heroes, The Sentinels.

THE SPOOKMAN by Roger McKenzie and Sandy Carruthers. Detective Mastrocelli is drawn deeper into the arcane nightmare world of The Spookman! Does such a being actually exist, or is he a figment of the detective's ever-increasing fevered brain? The more he learns, the more questions are posed about the fate of the mysterious Aaron Piper...