The Demon (1993-1995) Vol. 2: The Longest Day

The Demon (1993-1995)
Vol. 2: The Longest Day
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Speaking the final words of his famous oath, Jason Blood unleashes his infernal alter ego, Etrigan—and the results are Hell on Earth.

Bound together for millennia, this immortal pair has crossed every corner of the globe in their mission to keep the restless damned confined to Perdition. But Blood himself has no memory of how he and Etrigan were originally linked—or, indeed, of anything that occurred before the late 20th century. He only knows that he has always served as a moral counterweight to his companion's evil nature.

Or has he?

The sudden appearance in Gotham City of a figure from the mythical past calls into question everything that Blood believes about his life and his curse. The resulting revelations will pit demon against man in an apocalyptic battle of wills—with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

But the mortal realm is merely a sideshow to one such as Etrigan. In the wake of his showdown with his human host, this Prince of Hell will at last discover his true destiny—and lead his fellow fiends against the forces of Heaven in a glorious last stand that will be forever remembered as THE LONGEST DAY.

This final volume collecting writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea's complete run on THE DEMON includes issues #50-58 and #0 of the legendary series, and features some of the earliest adventures of their beloved mercenary Hitman and their implacable solipsist Baytor.

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