The Power Within

The Power Within

The Power Within
(48 ratings)


A comic book tackling the subject of teen bullying and suicide, written by Charles "Zan" Christensen and drawn by Mark Brill.

Shannon gets picked on a lot; his dad and teachers think he should just "fit in" more, but that doesn't help. So Shannon escapes into a super-powered alter-ego whenever he's in a bad situation. But will the power within be enough to save him?

In addition to the main story, the book contains bonus pages by a collection of comics industry heavyweights, including Gail Simone (WONDER WOMAN, BIRDS OF PREY), Phil Jimenez (NEW X-MEN, WONDER WOMAN), Greg Rucka (DETECTIVE COMICS, GOTHAM CENTRAL), Matthew Clark (OUTSIDERS, WONDER WOMAN), Stephen Sadowski (JSA, WARLORD OF MARS), Dan Parent (ARCHIE, KEVIN KELLER), Donna Barr (THE DESERT PEACH), Andy Mangels (GAY COMICS), Terry Blas (BRIAR HOLLOW), and Carla Speed McNeil (FINDER).

The book contains discussion questions so that the book can be used as a tool to start a conversation about issues of bullying and harassment.