The Tree House #1

The Tree House #1

The Tree House
Issue #1


Five teenaged school friends are magically transported to a land where seemingly no other humans exist, a place where animals evolved instead of humans. As our characters arrive in this new world, they find themselves caught in the middle of a medieval war, a war raging between two great armies. On one side is the Army of the Sun, a collection of tribes who attempt to live in peace and harmony with one another. On the other, the Army of the Moon. A savage army ruled by a greedy, yet powerful emperor.
Shortly after arriving though, events unfold that force our characters to be separated. Now, alone and lost in this unfamiliar world, our characters must navigate their way through their new surroundings and back to one another. Along the way, each will discover a variety of new friends and allies, those who would help them. Unfortunately, Darkfeather and the Army of the Moon will stop at nothing to keep this from happening. If our characters are to have any hope of finding a way home, they must find a way back to one another and stop Darkfeather from unleashing an evil magic onto the lands.
In issue #1, we’ll be introduced to our characters. We’ll get a glimpse into their everyday lives, just before the events unfold that will transport them off to a strange, new world.

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Page Count
24 Pages
Digital Release Date
January 8 2020
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9+ Only
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