The Vampire Verses #2

The Vampire Verses
Issue #2
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Part 2 In a dark gothic future, New York City is the battleground for a bloody vampire war. Enter Angelika, an exotic dancer who works the seedy club scene to survive. One night, she is unwittingly turned into a creature of the night. As she tries to make sense of what she has become, Angelika learns of a centuries old vampire conflict that is being fought in the dark streets and underworld of New York City. Three great vampire clans are battling for control of the streets. Lord V'aad, a dark cloaked half demon/vampire from another dimension and his demon horde. V'aad is waging war against The Cult of Ordon, an ancient vampire clan who can shape shift into humanoid spider creatures. Caught in the middle is The Splatterpunks, a renegade vampire clan of punk rockers and leather clad bad boys. Each of the three clans possesses one or more of the five scroll Nosferatic prophecy known as The vampire verses. This ancient prophecy tells of a vampire queen that bears the mark of the scorpion and will destroy all of the vampire clans, thereby ending the vampire's existence on earth. However, if a vampire is to mate with Angelika and then kill her, he or she will inherit Angelika's power and be able to alter the course of the prophecy. Knowing this, each clan is trying to entice Angelika to join them with the ulterior motif to mate with and then slay her.

Angelika, after she realizes she is a creature of the night, sets out to get revenge on the one that killed her. Her path of carnage takes her on the hunt for her ex-pimp, Sharkey. The Splatterpunks, and a mysterious cloaked figure who gives her clues to her real identity. On her quest she discovers she is part of the larger scrolled prophecy, The Vampire Verses. More clues lead her to realize that killing Lord V'aad is the only way to end her nightmare.

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July 8 2015
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