Tim Patrick Lattie

Tim Patrick Lattie


Half Artist Half Amazing
Timothy Patrick Lattie - was born 8 months premature and armless. Never given a chance to survive. Incredibly, grew up to win 1 gold and 2 silver medals in the Beijing Olympics for swimming, only to be back paged by Micheal Phelps. He did HOWEVER, earn a lucrative contract with NIKE which gave him enough money to undergo an experimental surgery to apply realistic robot arms.

In an unforeseen mishap, Tim was given the arms of an artist instead of a swimmer. Crushed by the fact that he would never compete against Phelps again, he used his misfortune as motivation and began drawing fantastic worlds and stories. He was picked up by Ape Entertainment and produced some of his best work for White Picket Fences.

Now Tim freelances artwork and still finds time to work with the less fortunate in his home country of Antarctica, while working on his sequential opus NIGHT STARS!

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