Tough Guy

Tough Guy

Tough Guy


TOUGH GUY is a throwback action hero, a punch in the eye of two rampant global opponents: faceless terrorist organisation, The Code... and political correctness.

To the delight of the younger reader, this all-out action-adventure comic book stars anything but another bland, sugar-coated action hero "in touch with his feelings"...

TOUGH GUY is layered with enough knowing wit and character sophistication to also appeal to 'middle-aged boys'.

The A-Team meets James Bond, with the hard edge of Dirty Harry, TOUGH GUY is graced by the art of Steve Beckett, who has shot to fame as a regular on iconic comics, THE BEANO and THE DANDY!

It is written by Chris Bunting, who has earned his 'action writing stripes' on the likes of "Action Man" and "Mr. T".